Quick Facts

  1. Whom do I call for a burn permit?
    Call the township office, (616) 335-3050, on the day you are going to burn.There is no fee for a burn permit.You will receive verbal approval, unless weather and dryness conditions prohibit safe burning. If you live in a subdivision in Laketown Township, you may burn on odd days only.
  2. Where do I vote?
    For answers regarding voting, see our Voter and Election Information page.
  3. Where do I get a dog license?
    A dog license is available through Allegan County.You may do this via mail. See the Dog License Application Form on our Forms page for more information. Dog licenses are not available directly from the township office, although you may pick up an application for a dog license at the township office.
  4. When is the next township board meeting?
    The Laketown Township Board of Trustees meets the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Township office.
  5. Is cable hook-up available in Laketown?
    Charter Communications is available in the northern part of the township, and Comcast is available in the southern part of the township. Contact these companies for further information.
  6. Does Laketown have an adopt-a-road program?
    Yes, many of our roads in the northern portion of the township are adopted, but we still need volunteers for the southern part of the township. If you are interested in becoming an Adopt-a-road volunteer, contact the township office, (616) 335-3050. We notify volunteers via a letter. Thank you to all of our faithful adopt-a-road volunteers!
  7. When is the township office closed?
    The Laketown Township office is closed for all major holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Memorial Day, Labor Day and the 4th of July. Be sure to look at the newsletter for exact dates.
  8. Where can I get a township map?
    The street index for Laketown Township is available at the township office. Click here for an pdf version.


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