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Big Changes for the Principal Residence Exemption

Governor Snyder signed Public Act 115 which made two significant changes to the Principal Residence Exemption from the School Operating millage.

1 – It establishes two deadlines by which a Principal Residence Exemption may be filed.
2 – It creates a new conditional rescission for “foreclosure entities”.

Affidavit Deadline – The deadline to file a Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) affidavit changed from May 1st to June 1st and a second deadline of November 1st was added. As a result, property owners that occupy a property as their principal residence and submit the PRE affidavit by the June 1st deadline may qualify for a PRE beginning in the year that the form is submitted.
If a property owner occupies a property at any time from June 2nd to November  1st they can submit the PRE affidavit on or before the November 1st deadline and may qualify for the winter tax levy. This dual deadline will continue throughout future years but is not retroactive for previous years.
If the property is owned and occupied between May 2nd and November 1st, Public Act 115 does not allow the owner to go to the Board of Review if the PRE Affidavit is not timely filed. So, if you miss the deadline, your PRE exemption would not start until the following year.

The Principal Residence Exemption is available here and on our forms page. Also, please be aware that if you have moved from your principal residence and it is on the market, you can continue to get the PRE Exemption for up to three years by filing a Conditional Rescind form. You need to file this form each year you wish to claim the exemption.

Disabled Veterans Exemption

While information on the new Disabled Veterans Exemption is still being processed, we are learning that the Board of Review will be making decisions on the exemption. Here is a document that explains the new exemption – Disabled Veterans Exemption Info. This link will take you to an on-line form that will need to be submitted for consideration for the exemption – The form is also available at the township office.

Understanding Proposal A in a Declining Market

Allegan County has published a detailed pamphlet entitled “Understanding Proposal A in a Declining Market”. To download a PDF of this information, click here.

Taxable Value Versus State Equalized Value

The State Treasury has issued the inflation rate used to calculate your 2014 Taxable Value.Your Taxable Value—not including any new construction—will increase by 1.6%. Remember that taxes are based on Taxable Value, not the State Equalized Value (SEV). In some areas of the township we have dropped the SEV down lower that the current taxable value and in that case the SEV will become the new Taxable value.

Your SEV is based on sales that occurred between 10/01/2011 and 9/30/2013 in your area. The sale prices of the sold homes are compared with the assessed value and a ratio is developed to bring the assessed value in line with the sale prices. This ratio is then applied to all homes in a particular area. Since we are comparing past sales, our estimates are usually low. Overall, data indicates that residential property has turned around with many areas starting to regain some of the value lost over the past few years.

2014 Treasury Bulletins

Disabled Veteran’s Exemption:


Eligible Personal Property Tax Exemption:


Transfer of Ownership: